Health system projects often operate in isolation as disparate efforts leading to project collisions, resource conflicts, higher costs, and delayed delivery. The remedy lies in effective portfolio management with a well-designed roadmap.

Project Harmony: Orchestrating a Sustainable Portfolio Roadmap

80% of healthcare providers have increased IT spending. Yet only 6% of US healthcare providers believe their IT testing processes are sufficient.

Healthcare Application Testing – Its Condition is Critical

Have you ever calculated the costs associated with a healthcare project testing event? Among the often-overlooked expenses are the resources and hours required to write and update test scripts, the coordination and management efforts for the testing event, and the considerable hours allocated for all participants, plus the unproductive time they spend waiting to start their

Maximizing Your Testing: Streamline and Enhance Healthcare Application Testing ROI

To shape a proficient Project Management Office (PMO), it’s important to explore the impact of practice structure, the significance of aligning with organizational needs, and the progression towards maturity.

Shaping an Effective PMO

Traditional healthcare IT staffing approaches are often ineffective because they don’t take into consideration necessary variables to identify IT staffing needs.

Healthcare IT Staffing: The Demand – Talent – Team Triangle

Often there is misalignment between the solution (project) and desired result (problem we want to solve). Confirm the Problem Statement behind the purpose of the project for better decisions, planning, and outcomes.

What’s your problem?

Build an achievable Portfolio Roadmap based on effective governance decisions, line of sight, and resource capacity.

Right Thing – Right Time – Right Way

What are Manual and Automated Testing?    DOWNLOAD PDF Testing is the process that is carried out throughout software, technology, and operational workflow development and deployment.  It is used to verify requirements, confirm functions, and validate workflows.  Two options for testing are manual and automation. Manual testing can be defined as the process where human

How Are You Testing?

Line of Sight – The pathway to achieving organizational strategy. Studies have shown that most organizational strategies fail. Don’t be one of them.

Do You Have Line of Sight to Strategy?

Does any of this sound familiar? The “loudest voice” drives the selection and approval of projects and investments.  Project resources are often at or over capacity.  Return on investment for projects is not clear because metrics to measure and confirm value were not defined.  Decisions for future projects and roadmaps are made and managed in silos.  Projects often do not

What’s in your Operational Governance?