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Designed to Streamline Project Planning & Tracking

Accountable • Standardized • Repeatable • Sustainable

TransIT Plans was created from the ground up to help you spend less time manually reporting status, enjoy better outcomes, and have greater visibility.

WHY You Need TransIT

TransIT Plans Transforms the Way You Track Projects

No Per-User Costs

Other project management software requires you to pay per-user, but with TransIT Plans, one license covers your whole organization.

No Equipment Costs

There is no additional hardware to purchase. TransIT is offered as a software as a service (SaaS) and works in all major browsers.

Designed for Your Needs

TransIT Plans is designed specifically for Healthcare IT teams and your unique needs — containing the functions you need for your use cases.

See What TransIT Plans Can Do...

  • Plans can be updated in real time by multiple people in your organization — on site or remotely from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Create a chronological view of activities across multiple plans to facilitate table-top review 
  • Create a staffing schedule for activation - Command Center, Virtual, At-the-Elbow resources all in one place
  • View a dashboard that gives the current status across all plans with the ability to filter to a subset of those plans 
  • Project managers can monitor progress and easily see when they need to intervene
  • Create testing plans that update in real time and give you high-level access to view your project status

Stop Guessing — Let Us Show You

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