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Designed to Streamline Planning & Tracking

Shareable • Accessible • Accountable •  Repeatable • Sustainable

TransIT Plans is designed to streamline your work, consolidating and minimizing manual tracking of tasks and status reporting. Experience enhanced efficiency, achieve superior outcomes, and gain greater visibility into your projects and operations.

WHY You Need TransIT

TransIT Plans Transforms the Way You Track Work

No Per-User Costs

Other project management software requires you to pay per-user, but with TransIT Plans, one license covers your whole organization.

No Equipment Costs

There is no additional hardware to purchase. TransIT is offered as a software as a service (SaaS) and works in all major browsers.

Designed for Your Needs

TransIT Plans is designed for your teams, encompassing essential functions to simplify tracking of work tasks and support operational and project needs.

See What TransIT Plans Can Do...

  • Enable a multi-user centralized planning and tracking source within your organization, accessible from any location with an internet connection
  • Create project work plans that update in real time and give you high-level access to view your project status
  • Access a dashboard for the current status of all your plans, with filtering options for a more tailored and focused view
  • Monitor progress and quickly identify points where intervention may be necessary
  • Present chronological views of activities spanning multiple plans, facilitating a comprehensive tabletop review for a holistic understanding

See how Organizations are using TransIT Plans...

Changes and Projects
Keep track of detailed activities and steps to be completed for small changes and projects like unit or department moves, code installs, upgrades, and implementations.

Validation of Data Migration and Backloads
Track system exported and imported data and validate completeness and accuracy of the content.
Device and Technology Deployment
Develop plans to track the steps for deploying, configuring, and testing hardware and devices implemented at your organization.
Monitor the progress and effectiveness of changes during the pilot phase.
Operational Readiness Checklist
Establish check lists and work-queues, tracking what needs to be done (i.e. Department and function change readiness, De-Prod steps, Data migration, Train environment readiness, etc.)
Disaster Recovery/Downtime
Document steps for disaster recovery or downtime to facilitate execution of technical business and clinical steps.
Cutover Plan
Document, track, and concurrently update the steps required to cut-over and activate changes across all teams.
Change Control
Track when and where changes have been implemented and validated.

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