Case Studies

Read about the journeys our clients have taken as they have optimized their use of healthcare IT

Nicklaus Children's Health System

Nicklaus Children's significantly improved their testing processes with TransIT and TaaS. The results were immediate.  The organization saw increased Accuracy and Tracking and decreased Time and Effort.

The testing process became more Accessible, Organized, and Faster.

McLaren Health Care

McLaren Health Care is continuing their Cerner rollout to two additional facilities. Social distancing requirements related to COVID-19 have created challenges for how we safely conduct integration testing given that we do not have a space to safely socially distance up to 200 people. We needed a tool which enables virtual integration testing. And it needed to be ready within a 6-week timeframe to keep our project on track. Enter MAKE Solutions’ TransIT.

Concord Hospital

Concord Hospital implemented Cerner’s clinical and revenue cycle applications in December 2017 and had many challenges with workflows. This led to many post-live fixes and optimizations, which meant lots of testing and retesting.

Concord Hospital was not only concerned with the burden this was placing on their analysts but was also looking to bring the testing to the subject matter experts (SMEs) to reduce workflow challenges going forward. They were looking for a repeatable, standardized testing process.

TransForm SSO

Vice President and Chief Transformation Officer Lyn Baluyot entered the organization with ample experience helping hospitals transition from one electronic health record (EHR) system to another, and knew that coming from a largely paper-based environment to Cerner’s EHR there would be some challenges to be overcome.

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