McLaren Health Care Case Study

How to Get Ready for IT in 6 Weeks or Less...

McLaren Health Care is continuing their Cerner rollout to two additional facilities. Social distancing requirements related to COVID-19 have created challenges for how we safely conduct integration testing given that we do not have a space to safely socially distance up to 200 people. We needed a tool which enables virtual integration testing. And it needed to be ready within a 6-week timeframe to keep our project on track. Enter MAKE Solutions’ TransIT.

The Most Successful Round of Testing EVER

Using TransIT, we uploaded our existing 34 integration test scripts from our recent upgrade, modified them to reflect workflow uplifts, added an additional 40+ scripts for the 2 additional facilities and trained 200+ clinical and revenue cycle testers in the new tool. All within our aggressive 6 week timeline.

Over the next three weeks of testing, we completed our most successful round of integration testing ever. We ran just over 80 test scripts. The tool provided us unprecedented capability to coordinate the efforts of 200 people on 45 teams, provide visibility into how test scripts are progressing, support rapid script hand offs between teams with flexibility of resources to work from anywhere, traceability of EMR system issues tied directly to test steps and the ability to update 700+ script corrections and revisions.

What McLaren's Team Members Say

"I was skeptical about TransIT prior to starting, but it made things so much easier!"

Over 96% of Respondents Recommend Using TransIT in Future Integration Testing

"In post- testing survey results, over 96% of McLaren respondents recommended use of TransIT in future integration testing. We just scratched the surface of TransIT’s potential value to McLaren.

We are planning extensive workflow testing and future test automation. TransIT will be a strategic tool for ensuring our solutions meet the needs of our physicians, clinicians, and business associates."

John Tikka - McLaren Health Care
Vice President Information Technology Applications

What McLaren's Team Members Say

"Excellent outcome when so many of us had initial concerns about using the tool."

The Benefits of Using TransIT

  1. Easily upload and modify our existing test scripts
  2. Know which resources were required on each testing day
  3. Run integration testing as a remote event
  4. Complete testing on schedule
  5. Run more test scripts than ever before, within the same timeframe
  6. Readily know when resources were complete with assigned activities and available for other tasks
  7. Make over 700 script updates for the next round of testing
  8. Bolster our confidence in moving forward with activation

The Future of TransIT at McLaren Health Care

1. Activation

Continue positive momentum and utilize TransIT Plans for documenting and communicating status of activation activities

2. Training

Train Solution Leads and Analysts in full capabilities of TransIT (there was no time in our 6-week timeline for full training)

3. Workflows

Document workflows across all departments in TransIT to facilitate ongoing workflow-based testing

4. Test Scripts

Rewrite our functional and integration test scripts to make use of TransIT’s workflow-based approach

5. Institutionalize

Institutionalize the use of TransIT for keeping workflows and test scripts updated as changes occur

About McLaren

McLaren Health Care, headquartered in Grand Blanc, Michigan, is a fully integrated health network committed to quality, evidence-based patient care and cost efficiency. The McLaren system includes 15 hospitals in Michigan and Ohio, ambulatory surgery centers, imaging centers, a 490-member employed primary and specialty care physician network, commercial and Medicaid HMOs covering more than 588,000 lives in Michigan and Indiana, home health, infusion and hospice providers, pharmacy services, a clinical laboratory network and a wholly owned medical malpractice insurance company.

McLaren operates Michigan’s largest network of cancer centers and providers, anchored by the Karmanos Cancer Institute, one of only 51 National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer centers in the U.S. McLaren has 28,000 full-, part-time and contracted employees and more than 90,000 network providers throughout Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

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