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Testing as a Service (TaaS)

You have the correct tool for documenting your test scripts with TransIT. But do your analysts have dedicated time to create good test script content? Does your organization have a Testing Coordinator to ensure your Testing Management Plan is followed? Do your Analysts keep your test scripts up-to-date with each new round of testing? If not, contact MAKE Solutions to discuss our Testing as a Service (TaaS). This service, used in conjunction with TransIT eliminates the need for a Testing Coordinator and for Analysts to be burdened with creating and maintaining your test scripts. 

With TaaS, you’ll have a dedicated resource, with a team behind them, who will ensure your test scripts consistently live up to the standards in your Testing Management Plan. As Testing Coordinator, we manage the preparation leading up to each testing round and the issues and script corrections coming out as well, ensuring they’re ready for the next testing event. 

MAKE’s TaaS helps create consistent test scripts across all your applications, storing each script in TransIT for easy retrieval. Offload test script development from your analysts, allowing you to use your team more efficiently, get more projects done, all while lowering your costs.

why Use TransIT TaaS?

Leave the Testing to MAKE

Higher Quality

MAKE helps create test scripts of higher quality and consistency since that’s all we do. No matter the project, vendor, or application, we’ll create your test scripts and help run the event. 

Better Management

Have better management of testing processes and facilitation of test rounds with our dedicated resource making sure each round of testing is set up and ready to go. 

In Time Testing

Since MAKE updates the test scripts, we’ll have them created and verified in time for your testing event, allowing you to go faster with the project and have a more responsive team. 

Up-To-Date Scripts

After your testing event, MAKE will know exactly what updates need to be done to your test scripts, and will have them turned around and ready to go for the next time. 

Reduced Burden

MAKE reduces the burden on your staff by taking most of the workflow and documentation tasks related to testing off their plates. Free them up for other events and projects. 

Getting Started is Simple

With MAKE's TransIT Testing as a Service, leave the testing scripts to us. We do the heavy lifting to allow your team to focus on other tasks.



MAKE will review and update your scripts across all applications to make them relevant to your end users and confirm the workflows are click-by-click. 



MAKE will coordinate the testing event, sending invites, creating dashboards and managing the event and issues. Your role is to run the scripts and note issues. 



Send your changes to the scripts to MAKE and we take care of it. Workflow changes, script changes, change control review. It's on us to handle.


MAKE Solutions Testing as a Service has been extremely valuable for Nicklaus Children's Health System. Keeping test scripts current is always a challenge and a time consuming process. Now, we have dedicated resources who help us write, continually update, and validate our test plans and test scripts taking the burden and time off our analysts so they can focus on application functionality, issues, and needs. It has allowed our IT department to streamline testing, as well as allowed for detailed tracking and reporting on our testing events.

Thank you to the whole MAKE team!

David Miller

Nicklaus Children's Hospital - Executive Director IT EMR Applications