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TransIT tools are powerful and our consultants are available to help you leverage it to its fullest. Take advantage of our experience to speed up your TransIT adoption.

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Less Stress, Less Time, Better Results

Improve Testing Quality

Do you know where your organization stands with regards to testing maturity?  If not, or if you are looking to take that next step up the quality ladder, we can help.

Get to ROI Faster

Let our consultants take your existing scripts and load them into TransIT, train your team to execute test rounds, and go!  Clients can be live in as little as two weeks.

Reduce Burden on Analysts

Test scripts become much easier to maintain once inside TransIT, why not let our TransIT experts help your analysts create your TransIT content, and reduce their testing burden.

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The Solution to Your Testing Struggles

We've been where you are now — frustrated at how things like simple updates can go so horribly wrong. We saw minor changes cost our teams weeks in problem-solving and knew there had to be a better way.

That's why MAKE Solutions was born. We created tools designed specifically for Healthcare IT implementations and we offer the expert consultants you need for everything from planning through activation and production support.

Enjoy Consistent Outcomes

There is a lot riding on your implementation. TransIT makes sure you can enjoy consistent and predictable testing outcomes.

Lean On Someone You Trust

Our consultants are here to give you someone you can trust to guide you through every stage of your testing event and beyond.

Hold Your Teams Accountable

We give you greater visibility and transparency across all of your projects — allowing you to instantly access status updates and see who's responsible for key steps.

Get the Most From Your Team

Your team can work at the top of their licensure — doing the roles they were hired for instead of wasting time waiting or participating in unnecessary activities.

Getting Started is Simple

You don't have to try to figure out your next steps alone. Let our experts help you find the combination of powerful tools and support to accomplish your goals with the least amount of muss and fuss. 


Request a Personal Demo

Stop wasting time trying to figure out if TransIT and our team is right for you – request a demo and find out for sure. 


Make a Plan That Works for You

Your success relies on knowing what you want to accomplish – that why we help you build a plan for how to get there. 


Enjoy a Successful Implementation

Avoid negative outcomes, distractions, talent gaps, and preventable delays with full visibility. 

Our TransIT Consultants Can Help You With...

Workflow Analysis

Understanding your current state processes is critical to ensuring you don’t create gaps when developing a new future state. The TransIT workflow and testing tool allows for the detailed documentation of current state workflows. These workflows become the basis for your regression test scripts.

Once you start working on your future state workflows with your vendor, these can also be documented in TransIT. They can be documented at a high level and then fleshed out with the details as the build progresses. These workflows can be combined with those from your other applications to become the basis for your integration test scripts.

Workflows that aren’t fleshed out can lead to confusion at go-live, or worse, end users processes that don’t work. This can add significant cost and delays to your implementation.

Let our experts document your workflows for you, or teach you how.

Testing Methodology & Management

Implementation success or failure can be directly attributed to how well applications were tested, how well end users understand new workflows at go-live and how quickly they adapt to those new workflows. MAKE Solutions’ methodology along with the TransIT workflow and testing tool allow end users to be engaged throughout the implementation.

Does your organization have a Testing Management Plan to ensure consistency in testing practices? Is this plan utilized across all of your projects and production support? Contact MAKE Solutions to assist with developing or reviewing your Testing Management Plan. Our methodology, used in conjunction with TransIT make it easier for end users to participate in design, validate workflows, and participate in testing. The more the end users are involved, the easier it is to build adoption for your implementation.

If your test scripts are not where you want them to be, it takes time and effort to get them updated. We can help develop the strategy to implement the plan, and ensure your test scripts live up to the standards in your Testing Management Plan.

Activation Planning & Support

There are multiple aspects to successful Activation Planning: cutover planning, go-live staffing, Command Center planning, and then stabilization. We have led many clients through successful go-lives, and have the tools and expertise to guide you.

How much support do you need for go-live and for how long do you need it? Utilize TransIT workflow and testing tool to document and execute process-based testing. Then, let our workflow experts analyze the results to formulate the appropriate support plan.

Once we help you identify how many resources you need and how long you need them for, we can supply resources to support both clinical and financial roles, with workflow knowledge as well as vendor-specific solution knowledge.

Additionally, we can augment your Command Center team with people you know how to organize and run your activation support team.

Test Script Development

Testing workflows prior to go-live reduces the number of bugs introduced into production and the need for process rework post-go-live.

MAKE Solutions has resources who are experts in creating test scripts. We work with your analysts and subject matter experts to create detailed workflows that incorporate all steps in the test scripts to ensure nothing is missed.


Check Out the Success Other Clients Experienced With Us


MAKE was an Invaluable Asset

MAKE Solutions was an invaluable asset for our IT leadership team during our EHR implementation. [The team’s] knowledge and expertise are outstanding. They are great collaborators and leaders. The testing team was extremely helpful in working with our team to create a comprehensive testing plan, which reduced our overall testing time and improved the quality assurance of our build prior to implementation. We were able to identify and correct many issues prior to go-live by utilizing this testing plan.

Dr. Mandy Halford, MD, FHM - VP, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Covenant Health

TransIT Reduced the Time & Effort to Test

There are two fundamental things needed to reduce the burden to IT: one is a Help Desk, and the other is a testing tool. We chose TransIT as our testing tool. The burden an EHR puts on analysts for testing is significant; there are upgrades, patches, new domains, and packages coming out that need to constantly be tested. We’ve seen a big benefit from TransIT in reducing the time and effort it takes to test.

Deane Morrison - Chief Information Officer, Concord Hospital

TransIT Has Been a Great Success

TransIT has been a great success at our site across three rounds of integrated testing and ongoing testing prior to go-live. After a couple of days of training and a few days to set up the environment, the team was ready to build test scripts in TransIT.

Lyn Baluyot, MHA - VP, Chief Transformation Officer, TransForm

TransIT is Ingrained in Our Processes

We have been very satisfied with the ease of use of TransIT, the tools it provides for managing a large-scale test event, and the ease of reporting on errors and issues found during testing. TransIT has become an ingrained part of our process and we are expanding its use to include the test scripts for our STAR financial system, so we can use it with our next STAR upgrade in addition to continued Cerner projects.

Suzanne Travis - Manage, Project Manager, Northside Hospital

Our Most Successful Round of Testing Ever

Using TransIT, we uploaded our existing 34 integration test scripts from our recent upgrade, modified them to reflect workflow uplifts, added an additional 40+ scripts for the 2 additional facilities, and trained 200+ clinical and revenue cycle testers in the new tool. All within our aggressive 6-week timeline.

Over the next three weeks of testing, WE COMPLETED OUR MOST SUCCESSFUL ROUND OF INTEGRATION TESTING EVER. We ran just over 80 test scripts. The tool provided us the unprecedented capability to coordinate the efforts of 200 people on 45 teams, provide visibility into how test scripts are progressing, support rapid script hand-offs between teams with the flexibility of resources to work from anywhere, traceability of EMR system issues tied directly to test steps and the ability to update almost 700+ script corrections and revisions. In post-testing survey results, over 96% of McLaren respondents recommended the use of TransIT in future integration testing.

We just scratched the surface of TransIT’s potential value to McLaren. We are planning extensive workflow testing and future test automation. TRANSIT WILL BE A STRATEGIC TOOL for ensuring our solutions meet the needs of our physicians, clinicians, and business associates.

John Tikka - VP Information Technology Applications, McLaren Health Care

Top Questions from Our Clients

Get the answers to your questions and make a confident decision in what's best for your technology testing and implementations. 

Why Should We Make a Change Now?

If you're on this page right now and you're reading this question, you already know that something isn't working like it should and you're not getting the results that you want. With our expert consultants and the right tools you can mitigate risks, reduce time to go-live, and focus your people where they are needed the most.

Why Should We Invest in a Testing Tool?

Most of the hospitals we've worked with don't fully realize how much they are spending on implementations now. For most of them, investing in our testing tool actually saves them money instead of being an additional expense on their budget. 

If you're considering investing in TransIT testing software, Try our ROI Calculator to figure out how much we can save you.

Why Should We Invest in a Consultant?

When you're implementing new software, there are a lot of things that you have to consider — planning, design, testing, go-live, and many other steps along the way.

It's easy to waste time or miss crucial points that could cause headaches and problems down the line. Our expert consultants do this every day for healthcare organizations just like yours. We know how to help you mitigate risks and make it to go-live faster.

Do You Offer Automated Testing?

We do offer automation to streamline testing and test script maintenance. However, we do not offer hands-off automated testing. You can learn more about why hands-on testing is required for integration and user acceptance testing in this article: Why Integration Testing and Automated Testing Tools Do Not Mix

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