Our "Why"

MAKE Solutions was founded to assist healthcare organizations and improve the outcomes of their technology implementations.

We wanted to streamline the way you implement software — ensuring that you could mitigate risk and speed up your time to go-live.

Patti Marshall

— President & CEO

Patti used to work right where you are now. Her passion is in helping companies like yours implement streamlined and reliable testing methodologies, ensure end-user adoption, manage transitions, and plan activations. Patti is the architect of MAKE's TransIT testing toolset. She designed it to solve the problems she was facing every day as she helped Healthcare companies tackle big changes.

She has over 40 years of experience in information technology and over 30 years in the healthcare industry. Patti specializes in the large-scale management of clinical and revenue cycle systems implementation.

Brian Kottenstette

— VP Consulting and CFO

Brian has over 20 years of experience helping ensure that projects succeed. His passion is in leading organizations through major transformations. He helps them optimize their business processes, improve efficiencies, implement IT Management, and improve clinical technology adoption. He co-founded MAKE Solutions with Patti because he wants to help companies successfully transition to better solutions.

He’s an accomplished leader that guides companies on every level — project management, configuration, testing, and even training executive-level, PMO, and operational leaders across multiple large hospital systems.

Tamara Pomerantz

— VP Client Operations

Tamara Pomerantz has spent her career as a trusted advisor to healthcare organizations across the country. Over her 25 years in the industry, Tamara has proven herself to be an experienced leader, mixing innovative solutions with industry best-practices to create change and deliver results. She specializes in Operational Excellence to develop strategic and operational goals, installing process and data-driven performance metrics, motivating operational change, and providing consulting services.

Tamara delivers the consulting every hospital wants: open, honest, trusted, and accurate. That passion shows through in everything she does.

Angela Gray

— Team Lead, TransIT Support, and Implementations

Angela is our resident expert in all things TransIT — our flagship workflow and testing documentation tool. She has been with MAKE Solutions since we began in 2012.

She is tirelessly dedicated to helping our clients succeed with TransIT — supporting our clients, creating test scripts, and leading our team of analysts.

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