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Designed to Streamline Workflow Documentation & Testing

Accountable • Standardized • Repeatable • Sustainable

TransIT Testing was created from the ground up to help you spend less time testing, have greater visibility during testing, and enjoy better outcomes.

TransIT Testing Transforms the Way You Test

Our powerful workflow documentation and testing tool will improve the quality of your testing and save you time and money.

Using TransIT will reduce your organizations overall costs for test script creation and maintenance and test round execution. Try our ROI Calculator to see just how much you will save.

Efficient Script Management

TransIT's modular approach reduces the time to create test scripts. The bookmarking feature during script execution identifies areas needing modification, expediting changes and ensuring effective tracking of updates. With our automated intelligence tools, clients have seen as much as a 50% reduction in the time it takes to create and maintain test scripts.

Optimized Testing Resources

TransIT's Test Planning Report, Roster and Calendar Invitations enable inviting testers only on days with assigned test steps. TransIT's Position Dashboard facilitates users in tracking upcoming steps and, crucially, signal when their daily steps are done. A satisfied client reported a remarkable 40% time savings for testers, emphasizing the newfound ability to precisely determine the end of their daily responsibilities.

Reduced Days of Testing

TransIT's automated notifications alert testers when they are due up and notifies the Testing Coordinator of stagnant scripts, ensuring the completion of scheduled daily runs. This optimization enables scheduling more scripts to run each day. One client successfully reduced integration testing duration from 11 to 7 days, resulting in a 36% reduction in days of testing.

Streamlined Remote Testing

TransIT's adept facilitation of testing enables our clients to smoothly transition to remote testing encompassing both client and vendor resources. The practice of allowing testers and vendors to conduct testing from their respective desks eliminates expenses tied to testing area setup, dismantling, travel, and catering. If you haven't embraced remote testing, potential savings in this area could reach up to 100%.

See What TransIT Testing Can Do...

  • Accelerate test script development with workflows that represent true end-user steps.
  • Use Test Planning Reports to save time and cost by inviting testing to work only when needed and use our testing roster to hold everyone accountable.
  • See how testing is progressing with easy-to-use dashboards that update in real-time as testers complete steps.
  • Testers can easily attach notes and mark if steps were passed or need to be flagged for follow-up.
  • Utilize an issues list to log and track any issues and send automated messages as issues are assigned.
  • Dynamically update data — no more writing down the MRN or FIN. TransIT allows you to automatically update these throughout the test script once generated.


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TransIT makes it easy

Prior to TransIT we would spend 2 to 3 weeks, upwards of 800 hours across multiple resources, reviewing and updating test scripts as part of a major upgrade or implementation project. Now that we have TransIT, testing and maintenance practices are part of our continuous operational lifecycle, virtually eliminating this intensive time demand on our resources.

TransIT makes it easy to stay current, include new functionality, implement repeatable plans and practices, and communicate.

David Miller - Executive Director IT EMR Applications, Nicklaus Children's Health System

MAKE was an Invaluable Asset

MAKE Solutions was an invaluable asset for our IT leadership team during our EHR implementation. [The team’s] knowledge and expertise are outstanding. They are great collaborators and leaders. The testing team was extremely helpful in working with our team to create a comprehensive testing plan, which reduced our overall testing time and improved the quality assurance of our build prior to implementation. We were able to identify and correct many issues prior to go-live by utilizing this testing plan.

Dr. Mandy Halford, MD, FHM - VP, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Covenant Health

Measurable Improvement - Value Achieved with TransIT and TaaS

Without MAKE’s TransIT tool and their TaaS team we would have missed workflow issues. Our step-by-step test scripts brought to light missed handoffs and processes. We improved our design prior to go-live, avoiding costly delays and creating a better end user experience.

David Miller - Executive Director IT EMR Applications, Nicklaus Children's Health System

TransIT Reduced the Time & Effort to Test

There are two fundamental things needed to reduce the burden to IT: one is a Help Desk, and the other is a testing tool. We chose TransIT as our testing tool. The burden an EHR puts on analysts for testing is significant; there are upgrades, patches, new domains, and packages coming out that need to constantly be tested. We’ve seen a big benefit from TransIT in reducing the time and effort it takes to test.

Deane Morrison - Chief Information Officer, Concord Hospital

TransIT Has Been a Great Success

TransIT has been a great success at our site across three rounds of integrated testing and ongoing testing prior to go-live. After a couple of days of training and a few days to set up the environment, the team was ready to build test scripts in TransIT.

Lyn Baluyot, MHA - VP, Chief Transformation Officer, TransForm

TransIT is Ingrained in Our Processes

We have been very satisfied with the ease of use of TransIT, the tools it provides for managing a large-scale test event, and the ease of reporting on errors and issues found during testing. TransIT has become an ingrained part of our process and we are expanding its use to include the test scripts for our STAR financial system, so we can use it with our next STAR upgrade in addition to continued Cerner projects.

Suzanne Travis - Manage, Project Manager, Northside Hospital

Our Most Successful Round of Testing Ever

Using TransIT, we uploaded our existing 34 integration test scripts from our recent upgrade, modified them to reflect workflow uplifts, added an additional 40+ scripts for the 2 additional facilities, and trained 200+ clinical and revenue cycle testers in the new tool. All within our aggressive 6-week timeline.

Over the next three weeks of testing, WE COMPLETED OUR MOST SUCCESSFUL ROUND OF INTEGRATION TESTING EVER. We ran just over 80 test scripts. The tool provided us the unprecedented capability to coordinate the efforts of 200 people on 45 teams, provide visibility into how test scripts are progressing, support rapid script hand-offs between teams with the flexibility of resources to work from anywhere, traceability of EMR system issues tied directly to test steps and the ability to update almost 700+ script corrections and revisions. In post-testing survey results, over 96% of McLaren respondents recommended the use of TransIT in future integration testing.

We just scratched the surface of TransIT’s potential value to McLaren. We are planning extensive workflow testing and future test automation. TRANSIT WILL BE A STRATEGIC TOOL for ensuring our solutions meet the needs of our physicians, clinicians, and business associates.

John Tikka - VP Information Technology Applications, McLaren Health Care