TransIT Overview

Meet TransIT - your tool for planning and testing.  

Learn more about TransIT functionality and see what TransIT can do for you.

TransIT Testing Overview

As an all encompassing planning and testing tool, TransIT is essential to efficiently run your testing events. 

This video walks you through a round of testing in TransIT, starting with our dashboard which displays the assigned test scripts for a specific test round and provides real time updates of each script included in the testing event.

TransIT Testing Planning

Planning and organizing rounds of testing is critical particularly when an organization has multiple projects and changes occurring at the same time. 

This video walks you through planning and scheduling your testing events and assigning testing resources using TransIT.

TransIT Testing Issue Management

Integrating issue logging within the testing process is vital for efficiency and savings.  

This video walks you through how TransIT integrates issues logging so testers can easily log issues, and important information such as where, when, and how the issue occurred is automatically captured.

TransIT Testing Notes

You gain greater value with TransIT's integrated Notes  for continuously improving your test script accuracy and flagging important workflow steps for training or policy and procedure updates. 

This video walks you through managing test notes logged during a testing round.

TransIT Plans Overview

Increase transparency and tracking of your team's work with TransIT Plans.

Create highly configurable, centralized work plans to monitor project tasks, change control, readiness checklists, data migrations, backloads, device and technology deployments, cutover steps, disaster recovery/downtime processes, and more.