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Learn How to Use TransIT's Latest Features and Functions

MAKE’s TransIT Virtual User Group is a monthly session that allows clients to hear about new features and get additional training on functionality they might not be fully utilizing.

Sessions are free and all users of TransIT are encouraged to join.

  • Friday, February 16th, 2024 at 12:15 pm EST / 9:15 am PST
  • During this month's session, we will review fixes and enhancements since the December VUG.
  • Ask questions and learn how to get the most from your software investment.

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Archived Sessions

This month we reviewed a large number of enhancements and some fixes that have been implemented since TransIT 7 went live.
The tip of the month was about how to find the applications associated to a specific vendor when creating Modules or Scripts in TransIT.
The bonus tip of the month was about how to add script Header Details using the look up and about using the red bars in Scripts to identify Header Details that do not have a value.

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Virtual User Group Recording — January 2024

In our first VUG since the release of TransIT 7 we reviewed questions that have come in to the Support Desk since go-live, reviewed updates since go-live, showed the new color-coding in the Script Steps page to highlight steps requiring attention, and showed how to create a custom reference list for use in Plans. The tip of the month was that you can automatically add Header fields to your script by putting [ ] around anything.

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Virtual User Group Recording — December 2023

In today’s session with discuss some name changes in TransIT 7 as well as the naming convention for TransIT content. Users were asked to vote on whether they want MAKE to keep the existing naming, move to one that is more sentence like, or suggest a third alternative. We reviewed additional fields that will be added to issues to assist with assigning the priority, based on the impact and severity of an issue. We also showed of how we are using TransIT AI to assist with the automatic naming of Modules when they are created from Scripts that have been loaded into TransIT. We also showed our new “find and replace” and our new Test Steps page.

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Virtual User Group Recording — November 2023

In this month’s session we discussed the improvements in your ability to search MAKE’s Global content and also reviewed further improvements to TransIT Plans Custom Columns.
We announced that TransIT 7 would be released shortly.
The tips of the month were to remember when you are exporting to Excel to switch to Page Size All first and when you add or remove a new column with the %driver indicator on, remember to update the % on each of the activities that is already in progress.

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Virtual User Group Recording — September 2023

In this month’s VUG we showed how to use our latest new functionality %Driver columns in TransIT Plans and Work Queues to assist with content management in TransIT Testing.

The tip of the month was a reminder that the “paste from clipboard” functionality in TransIT is for brining in content from a spreadsheet and the to copy content that is already in TransIT for reuse, you use Copy/Paste functionality.

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Virtual User Group Recording — July 2023

This month’s meetings included fixes and new functionality added since May. New features were reviewed for Testing, Issues and Plans and fixes were reviewed for Testing and Plans.

The tips of the month were: use the TransIT refresh vs Browser refresh to retain your current TransIT settings on the page you are on; if you make proper use of Header fields when creating Workflows and Scenarios, it really reduces the amount of time to create and maintain Scenarios; contact if you want to turn on the ability to send automatic reminders from Plans; custom drop-down lists can be created in TransIT for use in Plans.

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Virtual User Group Recording — June 2023

This month’s meetings included fixes and new functionality added since February including: Increased the size of the field that contains the Scenario Name and Scenario Patient Name on the Test Steps page to make it more readable; Fixed display issue when scrolling through large amounts of data in the Test Steps and Test Header page; Updating the Issue status no longer updates the Test Step status back to “Issue”; When you run the Built Audit on a test script and click the red caution icon inside the Scenario Steps page, it takes you to the first step missing a position. If you click it twice more, it will advance to the next step with a blank position; Reported by information is now displayed in the Test Report

Additionally we reviewed Custom Columns functionality in TransIT Plans.

The tip of the month was to try to avoid the use of special characters in Scenario Names, and Section Names inside test scripts they can cause scripts to not display appropriately in the browser.

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Virtual User Group Recording — May 2023

In this month’s lunch’n’learn we discussed fixes for: retaining Task page search criteria; retaining the filter to inactive Plans on the Plans page; removing a Scenario from a Test Round; and ensuring new entries to the Type, Category and Group are available for selection in the Filter of a Plan.
We discussed the enhancement to allow for the selection of 2 fields to show in the Header column on the Test Dashboard.
Tips included: steps to take to remove an in-process Scenario from a Test Round; and how to manually send a notification for a Test Step.

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Virtual User Group Recording — January 2023

In this months session we reviewed new features and functions including: Merge; new ways to send notifications for Notes, Issues and from the Users page; automatically creating [Details] and [Scenario Header Details] from the Paste from Clipboard; multi-assigning positions from the Roster; and several others. Tip of the month around correcting steps in a test script once accessed from the Test Report.

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Virtual User Group Recording — Feb 2022

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