June 16, 2023

Virtual User Group Recording — June 2023

This month's meetings included fixes and new functionality added since May.

This included the following new features: you can choose by default to remove the Remaining filter and can choose to automatically select Page Size All in Testing with a new User setting, Scenario Steps page now opens in a new window when you create a new Scenario, added the ability to show both [Patient Name] and [Patient Name2] for Trauma or John Doe situations, added the ability to add more fields to the Header column of Test Dashboard, you can now export the Vendor list with all Productions, Applications and Functions from Org Settings, enhanced the functionality of the Workflow Open Scenario box, when you click the number link for a Scenario it takes you the Scenario to the first instance of that Workflow in the scenario, with the Workflow highlighted, other instances are also highlighted when you scroll through the Scenario, after running the Build Audit, you can now advance between steps missing a position with a single click, added the ability to associate a test round to a specific project, added a filter to Application and Task in the test report, added the ability to multi-select issues on the Issues page and change the following fields: Assigned, Emergency Change, Estimated Hours, Impact, Priority, Requested Date, Resolve # and Status, added right click option on Issues page to be able to multi-select and change the Project associated to 1 or more issues, the first release of Plans security, you can now assign multiple roles to an Activity in a Plan, when you use the right click Insert option to add a row above a previous row in a Plan, it defaults to the start date of the Activity that you are inserting above, and added the ability to automatically send messages at 5pm Eastern to the Assigned user for an Activity in a Plan any time the Assigned field is updated. 

It also included the following fixes: Tester level users can no longer inactivate or restore Test Rounds, when you filter on the Scenario Steps page the actual step number in the Scenario is now displayed, restored the ability to add Products, Applications, Functions under the vendor Custom, inactive users no longer prevent rows from showing up on the Test Roster, you are now prevented from entering a special character into a Section name in a Functional scenario, right Click Log issue in Multi-Plan View is no longer missing the hyperlink to the issue and the hover with issue information, restored the ability to copy a Plan that was previously available in TransIT 4, fixed an alignment issues for Roles and Activities on the Activity page, and fixed issue preventing you from using right click, edit for tasks that have single quotes in the name.

The tips of the month were: use the TransIT refresh vs Browser refresh to retain your current TransIT settings on the page you are on; if you make proper use of Header fields when creating Workflows and Scenarios, it really reduces the amount of time to create and maintain Scenarios; contact support@makesolutionsinc.com if you want to turn on the ability to send automatic reminders from Plans; custom drop-down lists can be created in TransIT for use in Plans.

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