Get Together With Your Peers and Learn from Your Collective Experience

We host four different Roundtables to allow hospital organizations to get together and learn from one another with no vendors or sales pressure. Simply learn from others’ experiences and share your own successes.

We host four different venues — choose the Roundtable that best fits your role and sign up today.

  • The CMIO Roundtable is made up of CMIOs and physician leadership from 18 organizations, representing 60 hospitals and 20,000+ beds. Discussions focus on physician workflow of both inpatient and ambulatory settings and improving physician satisfaction and patient safety.
  • The CNIO Roundtable brings together a group of CNIOs and nursing leadership from organizations across the country to discuss nursing workflows, best practices, and to share ideas on improving clinical practice and the safety of patients.
  • The PMO Roundtable allows Program Management Office directors and Project Managers to discuss topics related to managing projects, resources, budgets, and reviewing project outcomes.
  • The Patient Access Roundtable brings together other Patient Access users to discuss the best ways to integrate with the clinical EMR, optimize workflow, and create efficiencies.

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Internal Medicine/Pediatrics physiciaN


That was one of the best conversations and presentations that I have witnessed at a CMIO roundtable. Better than any at Cerner and as good if not better than a CHC session. Great job organizing!

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