If You Like Us, You'll Also Like Them...

If your day-to-day involves making sure your healthcare facility's technology is updated and implemented properly, then you'll probably like at least a few of the partners on this list.

Note: These are companies that we highly recommend. They are not integrated or affiliated in any way with TransIT's suite of testing tools.

Gevity is an international informatics and management consulting company offering a full range of interdisciplinary professional services to clients seeking to build sustainable and effective healthcare and social services systems. Through their focus on the unique needs of the healthcare, social services and life sciences sectors, they work to support healthier lives through connected systems.

Jellyfish Health provides virtual waiting rooms that make it possible for patients to check-in and wait for appointments remotely without having to be physically present in a care facility or hospital. Virtual waiting rooms use smartphone technology to facilitate the patient check-in tasks that typically happen in an office, including getting patients into the queue, completing paperwork, and making payments.

JustAskEvie was created with firsthand knowledge of the challenges both physicians and health care organizations face when it comes to the EMR. Whether it be your support staff or our provider superuser, JustAskEvie is your easy button for clinicians helping them become EMR superusers while saving time and money.

Softek® wants to help clients optimize their Cerner® EMR system and provides the consulting and software solutions to do just that. Softek’s EMR Performance software suite monitors Cerner® systems 24/7 so their clients don’t have to. The Softek® Charge Capture and Patient Accounting software suites help ensure systems aren’t missing charges and revenue within the rev cycle system. And all of the tools have alerting capabilities to proactively notify users of urgent issues in any Cerner® system.

TelomeresINC was formed to mobilize business partnerships and healthcare enactors in care continuity value change to deliver technology enabled engagement strategies. TelomeresINC provides a meaningful, emerging and common sense approach to deliver sustainable technology driven transformation.

Wellsheet envisions a much different future, one in which providers make decisions with a comprehensive view of relevant information, structured precisely for their needs. Predicting providers’ information needs is a tremendous technology challenge, only possible through exceptional engineering and design talent, the latest advances in machine learning, and partnership with EHR vendors. Wellsheet brings these together to deliver the first comprehensive workflow support system that learns and anticipates providers’ needs.

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