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MAKE Solutions specializes in strategic planning, program management, and testing.  We provide resources who can help your organization across many different areas. Contact us for additional information on how we can provide service.


  Strategic Planning

During the course of your program, MAKE can help you create the plans necessary to carry out your organization's strategic vision. We create roadmaps, three year plans, and guides that will be based on clinical, financial, technical, and operational needs across your organization. We ensure that competing priorities and strategies are balanced to come up with a cohesive plan. With our expertise you can ensure that you're on the right path with your plans and are working on the right things.

  Program Management

MAKE has program managers and project managers who can ensure your projects are run effectively, no matter what you're installing. We have experts in clinical and financial systems, across multiple vendors who will keep your project on track and on budget, holding both the organization and vendors accountable.

Our program management team blends seamlessly with your team and strives to build a healthy team culture working with you and your vendors to ensure that your team is as effective as possible.

  Workflow Analysis

Understanding your current state processes is critical to ensuring  you don’t create gaps when developing a new future state.  The TransIT workflow and testing tool allows for the detailed documentation of current state workflows. These workflows become the basis for your regression test scripts.

Once you start working on your future state workflows with your vendor, these can also be documented in TransIT.  They can be documented at a high level and then fleshed out with the details as the build progresses.  These workflows can be combined with those from your other applications to become the basis for your integration test scripts.  

Workflows that aren’t fleshed out can lead to confusion at go-live, or worse, end users processes that don’t work.  This can add significant cost and delays to your implementation.

Let our experts document your workflows for you, or teach you how.

  Testing Methodology and Management

Implementation success or failure can be directly attributed to how well applications were tested, how well end users understand new workflows at go-live and how quickly they adapt to those new workflows.  MAKE Solutions’ methodology along with the TransIT workflow and testing tool allow end users to be engaged throughout the implementation.

Does your organization have a Testing Management Plan to ensure consistency in testing practices? Is this plan utilized across all of your projects and production support? Contact MAKE Solutions to assist with developing or reviewing your Testing Management Plan. Our methodology, used in conjunction with TransIT make it easier for end users to participate in design, validate workflows, and participate in testing. The more the end users are involved, the easier it is to build adoption for your implementation.

If your test scripts are not where you want them to be, it takes time and effort to get them updated. We can help develop the strategy to implement the plan, and ensure your test scripts live up to the standards in your Testing Management Plan.

  Test Script Development

Testing workflows prior to go-live reduces the number of bugs introduced into production and the need for process rework post-go-live.  With the TransIT workflow and testing tool, you can create both functional and process-based test scripts. Test scripts are created from the workflows that have been documented during the future state design, based on your specific configuration of vendor functionality.  

MAKE has resources who are experts in creating test scripts. We work with your analysts and subject matter experts to create detailed workflows that incorporate all steps in the test scripts to ensure nothing is missed.

Already have functional or process-based scenarios? Great! TransIT allows for the easy import of existing scripts that are then able to be executed through the online dashboard.  System test scripts and regression test scripts are imported using the functional test script layout.  Integration test scripts and user acceptance test scripts are imported using the process-based test script layout.

Our skilled analysts can get you up and running within a very short period of time.  This allows for editing and updating of test scripts over time, while allowing for immediate ROI.

  Activation Planning & Support

There are multiple aspects to successful Activation Planning: cutover planning, go-live staffing, Command Center planning, and then stabilization. We have led many clients through successful go-lives, and have the tools and expertise to guide you.

How much support do you need for go-live and for how long do you need it? Utilize TransIT workflow and testing tool to document and execute process-based testing. Then, let our workflow experts analyze the results to formulate the appropriate support plan.

Once we help you identify how many resources you need and how long you need them for, we can supply resources to support both clinical and financial roles, with workflow knowledge as well as vendor-specific solution knowledge.

Additionally, we can augment your Command Center team with people you know how to organize and run your activation support team.

  Staff Augmentation

Do you have all the resources you need to get the job done?  MAKE Solutions can help in many different ways:

·       MAKE Solutions can help with workflow experts to bolster your informatics team and guide your future state workflow development, and development of patient care scenarios to be utilized for user acceptance testing

·       MAKE Solutions testing experts can help create your Testing Management Plan, document your current state and future state workflows in TransIT, and create your functional and process-based test scripts

·       MAKE Solutions can provide expert project and program management resources

·       MAKE Solutions can provide analyst-level roles as well, across almost any solution or application

Our job is to make sure you're successful by supplying not just any resource, but the right resource!

  TRAIN Domain Creation

We know how difficult it can be to set up and maintain a TRAIN domain, especially with all the other competing priorities leading up to go-live. Our proprietary tools make it easier and faster to create, load, and maintain your TRAIN domain. Spend the effort in deciding content, not double-checking to make sure it’s there. 

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